Quality and Environmental policy


Quality assurance policy

As an independent air and ocean freight forwarder, we shall provide our customers with a wide variety of qualified services based on their requirements and expectations.

Whilst providing our services to our customers we shall follow specified, agreed internal routines and the national laws, rules and regulations in force. Our ISO 9001 quality certification shall be honoured and complied with in our daily work.

We shall attain this through:

  • availability according to the 24/7 ruling;
  • competent, motivated employees;
  • flexibility and a sense of what the customer needs and requires;
  • proactivity – being on our toes to act on problems before they occur.
  • We concentrate on, and invest in, continual improvement through natural development, education and experience retrieval.


Environmental policy

The Airlog Group shall adopt a high level of environmental awareness in our daily routines. We shall choose methods and technology that minimize the usage of resources and thereby contribute to reducing impact on the environment, both within the company and in the world around us. Thereby, our ISO 14001 certification is one of our leading stars.

We will attain this by:

  • taking environmental aspects into consideration when renewing or reviewing agreements with service suppliers, and when taking investment decisions;
  • running our daily activities with minimal impact on the environment within our financial and quality frames;
  • being aware of and comply to the various laws, rules, regulations and directives in place concerning the environment;
  • continually informing all co-workers and colleagues of our work within this area and maintaining an open dialogue with our external partners;
  • continually working towards improvements of the environment through both general and detailed environmental goals.


 ISO 9001/14001 Certificates.pdf